Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of equipment do you use?

We use top of the line truck mounted steam extraction units. They are gasoline powered engines with very powerful blowers for extracting 98% of the moisture.

Do you pre-vacuum?

Sadly, NO, we no longer vacuum our clients’ carpets. Why? When bringing a vacuum from one home to another, year after year, they get quite dirty. In recent years, it’s been found that bringing dirty vacuums into a home can cause cross contamination. Imagine if we were in a home that had 3 cats and 2 dogs, with urine, feces, hair, etc. What if you were allergic? That’s why. Too much of a liability risk and not only that, but if I wouldn’t use the work vacuum on my own carpet, I wouldn’t use it on my customers’ carpets.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?


What should I do to get ready for you?

1. Make sure your driveway is clear so that we can get as close to your home as possible.
2. Vacuum thoroughly.
3. Pick up personal items, undergarments, valuables, and small items off of furniture you would like moved.
4. Move any small furniture out of the rooms to be cleaned.
5. Make sure you have water and electricity.

How long have you been cleaning carpet?

20+ years

“John Doe’s Carpet Cleaning” charges half what you charge.

Send them my condolences.

I’ve paid my dues, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, worked 7 days a week for years, all to build this business to be what it is today. We are not the cheapest but I dare you to find better for the price.

We charge what we charge because I am in business to make money, not lose it. I have a family just like everyone else and I have bills too. I have employees and massive overhead. I think our prices are fair.

Do you move all the furniture?

We move SOME furniture. We don’t mind moving some furniture here and there, but please remember, just because we are big strong handsome men, doesn’t mean we are furniture movers. We don’t move televisions, computers, pianos, China hutches, beds, dressers, hot tubs, medical beds with people in them, or litter boxes.

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